We who lives at at Kennel Goblinwalley

From Dalacalia and crazy about the Briard. Got the first Briard 1987.

Who got the Briard “in the package” and fell in love, Troll was his no 1 love.
Why Briard????
The first Braiard Imeet was MdM Unique and I fell in love with that girl. When she got her puppies 1987 I decided to have a male after her. I called hi, "Krutov", four years later I got my second Briard “Diego”. To own a Briard becomes so easy a habit! I have been secretary in Borlänge Workigdog club and I did their magazine. I like to work with my dog in tracking and in obedience.

Were can you find us?:
We live in the middle of the beautiful landscape Dalarna., in Gagnef which is a little village 30 km north of Borlänge and 20 km  south of Leksand.

                 Me and LP KORAD SUCH Night Eyes
                           Troll 7 weeks pregnant
What is a Briard?
Briard for me is to have a friend no matter what. They need some kind of activity to feel harmonic. I think that you got to have a great portion of humour when you live with a Briard! For me the mentality is number one, it is important so the dog will function in its environment. 1999 our first bitch was bought from Kennel Woodlooks and she was the mother of our first litter.  As most of the breeders our aim is to breed healthy, beautiful dogs´ with a good temper. But most of all we want them to be good friends for their owners to make life a little but easier. We have 3dogs in the kennel;  Troll`s son Duff and from Germany we have Afrodite and the youngest is Lilith who is a daughter from Afrodite. As often as its possible we go to dogshows with our dogs, a perfect place to meet other people with same interests.              

16 years of success:

  • 141*BOB/BOS-puppie

  • 73*BIG/BIS-puppie

  • 203*BOB/BOS

  • 39*BIG/BIS-placements

  • 72* BOB/BOS veteran

  • 26*BIS-placerments, veteran

  • 75*CAC

  • 23*R.CAC


  • 26* Showchampions

  • 32 Winnertitles

  • 1 Armydogs

  • 7 in Obidienceclass Elit

  • 3  Obidiencechampion


Me and a little God of Thunder!

                                                      Visiting wolfs at Kolmården Zoo
             Welcome to us at Kennel Goblinwalley!!!!!!

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